Duane Conliffe

Originally from Washington, D.C., Duane M. Conliffe has been producing his brand of photography inspired by his personal passions since early childhood. His first recollection of owning and using a camera began with the Brownie Hawkeye that his parents gave him when he was a student in elementary school. He used it to record family events, school field trips and local car shows. A long procession of cameras and picture taking followed; including dabbling with an Estes rocket powered camera designed for photographing the Earth from above.

After high school, his father bought him a Canon ftb 35mm SLR with a 135mm lens. This combination proved to be bulletproof and lasted many years and created many solid images along with the other lenses that joined the arsenal along the way. Immediately after the purchase of the Canon, Mr. Conliffe took a four year detour through the U.S. Army, Howard University and, finally, the U.S. Postal Service before relocating to San Francisco, CA. It was at this time that he decided to seriously pursue photography as an art, business and passion.

He began working for the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper as a photoengraving apprentice. Over the ensuing years, he became intimately familiar with the concept and process of printing using four color process inks (cyan, magenta, yellow and black - CMYK) to achieve a broad spectrum of colors in reproduced color images. He began to realize that graphic arts for reproduction (photoengraving) was the other half of imaging; this is how most professional photography (which was based on red, green and blue RGB) was printed after the creative process of the photographer was complete. Most photographers of the time (the eighties and nineties) had no idea what happened to their images after they left their control and went to the client and on to production for inclusion in magazines, books, product packaging and etc. On the other hand, most photoengravers of the time did not have the creative conceptual and visual skills that professional photographers had. These were two different worlds with some common practices and technologies.

Having extensive experience in both of these worlds is paying big dividends now as Mr. Conliffe is deeply immersed in the world of digital photography which uses four color process technology (CMYK) to reproduce the RGB based images produced by modern cameras. This CMYK technology extends to the so called RGB inkjet printers that are ubiquitous today. It is with these professional level printers that Mr. Conliffe creates his premium quality digital fine art photographic prints on the best papers and substrates available. These prints and other photo based products are available from his company, Digitalia Photographica (www.DigitaliaPhoto.com). Since 1990, Mr. Conliffe has been on a digital quest to combine the benefits and power of the new, emerging technologies with his experience and understanding of the old technologies and everlasting concepts.

The two halves of photography and photoengraving are now one complete whole in the embodiment of digital photographer Duane M. Conliffe. The significance of this is that Mr. Conliffe has complete creative control of his work from concept to print. Mr. Conliffe chooses to capture and process diverse subject matter to his personal vision and always has an intimate artistic stake in the ultimate expression, the print. Some of his passions include natures' beauty, especially fantastic flowers and the human body; hot rods and racing cars and motorcycles and his latest revisited subject, abstract photographic art. The circle is complete.

Duane M. Conliffe

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