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 Pat Patterson   2018-01-17 14:53:21 

Hey there Duane...Thanks for your thoughtful words recently.  It meant a LOT. And thanks for the post for the event tomorrow. I may try and make it. Hey I like how you changed your site name, I'm about to do that as well...it's a great brand identity move....Good for you...Take care and look forward to a new year of creative moves!  Hugs, P
 John Calonico   2017-07-17 17:45:43 

Do you have pictures of San Francisco web press men's union local 4?  
 Randolph Belle   2015-04-09 06:23:55 

Tight work!

Way to keep art alive, good buddy!

 Mary   2014-09-21 21:47:30 

Loved your videos!  Is this something new for you?  Never seen them on your site before but keep up the good work (& I shall spread the word!)
 Sherrie   2014-03-03 09:41:44 

Hello Mr. Conliffe

It was nice meeting you for a brief moment yesterday at "The Art of Living Black." I look forward to viewing your work.
 angela simms   2013-01-16 05:52:46 

Hi Duane,

Thank you for taking time to speak with me.  I am interested in taking a photo class.  You can reach me at 510-825-3197.  I will be
showing this sat at San Pablo gallery from 1-3pm, hope you can make it!   Looking forward to seeing you again.

 Veronica DeLuze   2012-10-29 18:34:15 

I really enjoyed your artistic photos at Africa House.  Your work is so precise and so beautiful. I recently saw a photo of the Alvin Ailey dances from this year.  The same sense of motion stopped in flight as the photo of your white flower was there again.  The beauty of both these photos is awe inspiring.
I did not mean to interrupt your talk, I thought you had ended and had not mentioned the public art works artist.  

It was a pleasure to meet you and your mother.
 Tracy Ricks   2012-09-29 20:54:27 


Beautiful works!  You are capturing life in every angle with your attention to detail and eye for perfection.  You ARE stopping to smell the roses.  Wishing you God's best because the best IS yet to come!

 Rich Hansen, M.D.   2011-11-24 18:30:37 

WOW...breathtaking...a positive evolutionary response to negative destructive nuclear, atomic bomb explosions ??  
 Jacqueline Steele-McCall   2011-08-01 21:58:34 

Hello Duane,
Finally found you! Looking for friends from Charles Young and Maryland Avenue. Your work is outstanding! I am bursting with pride to know you and overwhelmed with joy at the person that you have become. May God continue to bless & keep you!

 Shaunie Friday   2010-07-18 21:34:30 

I'm so glad you gave me your card the other day!  What a talented artist you are!!  I especially love the flowers and the light pictures--would love to hear how you create them!  Keep up the beautiful work!!
 Noel Garcia   2010-05-17 07:17:02 

Great work Duane! I didn't know you had this creativity running through your blood. Keep it up man. Take care and see you at work! :)
 Daniel Lazenby   2010-03-07 18:44:57 

Hi Duane,

I was looking for my cousin Melba Lazenby and I came up on

this page, I lkie what I see so keep up the good work.

 Lynette Neidhardt   2010-02-12 08:28:54 

Wow Duane, you stepped it up here....excellent work....love the eyes...
 Eddie Rosario   2009-07-28 14:26:11 

I've had the honor and privilege to have worked with Duane from 1989 to 2004 in San Francisco.  His attention to detail and ability to capture and express such subtleties in his work I find to be nothing short of awesome!  At the same time he never withheld his knowledge from anyone who expressed a genuine interest in learning.  He always pulled you off to the side to show you new things, new technology, he bent over backwards for all of us!  All the best and God bless you Duane!

Your brother and friend,

Eddie Rosario

 Mrs. Shirley Davis   2009-03-13 08:10:37 

The pictures show that you are having a great time and the look of success.  Keep up the good work.
 Patricia Patterson   2009-03-06 08:24:49 

Hi Duane, you're work is wonderful! the site is fabulous!  Congratulations on a wonderful portrayal of the REAL Duane!
 Robert Johnson   2009-02-01 15:11:32 


Been a longer time than I care to admit, but assuming you are the same Duane I knew from Calvin Coolidge Snr High in DC---its good to see you are taking care of business.

 Kelly Bell   2009-01-30 12:12:35 

I am honored by this outstanding work.. Mr. Conliffe's vision seems to capture my love for the "blues."  He was able to use his God given gift to tell my story of glory, pain, and song in one presentation.  When I look into my own eyes, it's as if I'm looking into someone else's life story.  Thus is the mission of ART!

                             Kelly "The Bluesman" Bell
 Tracy   2009-01-29 13:38:27 

From the fist time that I worked with you at the Chron.it was very apparent that you were a perfectionist. I am glad to see that you have carried on in the photo field and are able to express yourself and show just how much talent you have. Fantastic website and the art is incredible.

Best always,
 Anu Prestonia   2009-01-12 11:11:43 

Hi Duane,

I hope this is you.  I just asked someone on Face Book to be a friend thinking it was you, but now I don't believe it was you.  You website is beautiful your photography awesome.  Keep up the great work.

Anu Pres
 Michelle H. James   2008-12-16 11:47:41 

Love your work Cousin!
 Marsha Andrews   2008-08-04 10:47:08 

Hey, Duane!
I'm sitting under my beautifully framed "Velvet Rose", your most generous and amazing gift to me when I left the Chron. Today a friend at the paper turned me on to your website. Your ability to see as others can't, combined with your imagination and creative spirit join to translate what's inside into tangible spirit. You, sir, make this world we live in even more breathtaking.

Thank you for following your spirit and then sharing it with all of us fortunate enough to know you. Never stop working- you wll rob us of something very special.

 Jan Mitchum   2008-07-07 15:20:32 

I love your art-vision.... It takes a village is my favorite.
 Michael   2008-05-24 17:03:35 


I bought the red roe from you.  At The farmers market in Oakland, CA today.

Very cool.  Thank you...
 Ellen O'Donohue   2008-05-10 10:51:10 

Seeing your website is wonderful and seeing your artwork in person is even more fabulous.

As an amateur watercolorist and photographer I love this art!!!

Many thanks and see you at Farmers' Market!!
 LK   2008-01-14 19:41:52 

Pyramid Panel - Congratulations on yet another original and  uniquely outstanding piece.
 patricia Patterson   2008-01-05 09:49:26 

Hey Duane!  Was browsin round mesart this am & checked you out!!!! very nice and quite spectacular viewing on my new imac!!!! Great layout of your site and exquisite images, as always!!!! Keep it up, your photog pal: Patreezia!
 Chasity Phillips   2007-12-11 12:15:22 

Your lively spirit shows through on every piece of work that I have seen of yours. Truly remarkable how it all seems so alive and unique. I look forward to seeing more. Thanks for sharing your view of the world with us because it is an excellent view!
 Audrey Conliffe   2007-11-09 10:00:11 

Hi Duane,

Vida just showed Dad and me how to see your Web page.  It is great!!!!!!!   The videos are nice but we need help with the volume. We are looking to having a wonderful time when you come to visit.

Mom and Dad
 Vida Anderson   2007-11-01 09:07:09 

Hi, Duane.

I see that you have really brought your website way up!  I love the video, your statement, the presentation of your portfolio, and everything that's here.  Yes, you are a real artist with a lot to be proud of, and you make me proud, too!

Your Big Sis
 Lois Corrin   2007-10-30 14:43:22 

The pyramid for Chauncey is beautiful..you captured how he looked to me.  Great!
Lois (Corrin)
 Virginia Jourdan   2007-07-24 20:37:49 

Hi Duane,

Your light paintings have a lot of energy and brightness. They remind me of heaven, although I have not been there yet! They are very uplifting. Thank you - needed an uplift today.
 Johnnie Conner   2006-10-15 10:27:19 

Hey man, Looking good! Keep up the hard work!
 Patrish Patterson   2006-09-26 02:14:48 

Hi Duane, verrrrry nice site.  I dont remember the wild, contrasting colors before.  And the mesmerizing [sp] eyes!  Tres Jolie!  really crisp and sort of avante garde...perfect with your high end body of work.  Keep up the great work and continuing exploration of the surface possibilities!  Pat P
 tony price   2006-09-05 11:14:34 

great work, you are a digital master!!! lets talk soon.
 Pat Taylor   2006-07-14 13:53:48 

Enjoyed meeting you at Kirk's house on Sunday.  Your work is really impressive.

P. S.  
Waiting to see what you will do with the butterfly.

Pat T
 Kim   2006-06-23 07:41:16 

Hi cousin,

Nice web site.  I hope business is thriving and that you are doing well.  Looking forward to seeing you sometime soon.

 Darryl   2006-06-21 20:09:07 

Hello, cuz.  Congrats on the site.  We should catch up.
 Emiola Omotayo   2006-06-02 10:57:59 

Fine work Duane!!  My favorites..."Switch" and "Pineapple leaf"...OOOHHHH!!

Peace, Power, & Prosperity!!
 Ron   2006-05-29 18:46:35 

I'm feeling all of this.....Now lets get paid bro!
...make it fantastic
And then some!
You work is off the chain....completely!
 Madonna   2006-05-29 16:44:06 

Hi Duane,

I just happen to be checking out Digital Artist on the MesArt site and came across your work. It is great!!  Your piece called "Emerge " caught my eye, very nice work.

Keep me on your email list for future shows.


 Brenda   2006-04-26 13:52:11 

Photo has arrived.  I'm still at the Beach until Friday.  Uncle Bill still critical some minimal responding.  

Talk to you later
 Brenda   2006-03-15 10:56:29 

Hey D.  Trying to send some business your way.  Lloyd Walker is looking for something original as a gift for a mutual friend of ours, Dr. Bill Wallace.  He(Uncle Bill) was responsible for my acceptance at Univ of Pittsburgh and thus my current career.  Uncle Bill is a botanist by education and I'm sure would appreciate some of your flower photography.  Look to hear from Lloyd.  Love you much
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